Tadelakt Decor

By isabella • tadelakt • 11 Nov 2012


The tadelakt is an ancient Maroccan technique. It is a specific type of lime which can only be found in Marocco, in the area of Marrakech. The mixture is applied, smoothed and polished using olive oil soap. This process gives it an impressive appearance and brings out the environments. In addition, the tadelakt surface is water repelling and can be used in showers or bathtubs. The combination of these features makes the tadelakt a unique ecological material for traditional architectures as well as contemporary environments. The tone and the colour intensity of the walls treated with this material vary. These masterpieces are originated by the combination of the skills in an individual’s hand and the magic power of a material that nature offers us. I worked on some decorative solutions using tadelakt on interior walls in collaboration with Younesse Labghali, born in Marrakech, who studied the tadelakt technique in his own country.