course on earth plaster_”terra…te”_Le Torrate in Chions(UD)

By isabella • Terra Cruda • 5 May 2012

The course was held at the association Le Torrate in Chions di Pordenone. The town is located in an agricultural area and is made of a urban centre with rural houses which was once inhabited by about 200 people. Every family in this town had to sustain itself and carry on farmland work. Nowadays, this town is run by Giacomo and Daniela, who are willing to give some value back to this area by maintaining and renovating the existing structures and by integrating projects and interventions with an eye on the conscious use of resources. Together with Giacomo we decided to use earth from the surrounding countryside. The course proposed a first analysis of the earth and the trial of mixtures in order to determine the most suitable one to cover the external wall of a house. The same parting wall supports part of the roof covering of a toolshed which, after a restoration, could be used to host future cultural events. The earth analysed was very clayey. Some preliminary examinations were carried out, such as smell examination. The wall surface was divided into two parts: one of them was covered with the plaster which we obtained for the bed (about 2 cm). For the other one some straw was added to the earth, so that we obtained a mixture suitable for padding interventions. The surface was covered by a layer of 4 cm of earth and straw. In collaboration with Laura Marini.