interiors in raw earth

By isabella • Terra Cruda • 30 Apr 2014

TerreDecor ristorante Vinaria Venezia

Earth has been used as building material since the earliest times. A material that is easily accessible. Stunning architecture has been built around the world using this material, which has allowed us to elaborate fascinating representations of the space. The building techniques vary according to the traditions, the cultural, geographical and social background of the place where they were created and developed. Often architecture merges with art and expresses the pleasure of creating. The result are sensual rounded shapes. Building using raw earth has some economical, social and ecological advantages. It means that we can rely on local material and that we can work on our buildings on our own as the laying is easy. This material is also non-toxic, recyclable and sound absorbent. In addition, it regulates air humidity. Earth can therefore be used to build our house or to cover interior and exterior walls. It can become a “stube” which can modelled as we want or it can be used to make lamps with a warm and intimate light. The environment is the projection of our way to feel the space. Earth offers us the unique opportunity to intervene by physically connecting with the environment in our house through the building itself and by making it beautiful. By modelling directly earth on walls or on other surfaces, we give freedom to our artistic expressiveness and, at the same time, we personalise the space in which we live. A dialogue between interior space and exterior space.



ristorante Vinaria

Flower - tecnica a rilievo ristorante Birraria Venezia

Ristorante Vinaria Venezia

intonaco decorato con tecnica a sgraffito - Fattoria dell'Autosufficienza - Bagno di Romagna FC